Festival Series: The Bag.

Festival season is amongst us and several have already been happening but there are more to come and if yours hasn't happened yet, stay tuned.

The bag you bring to a festival is absolutely vital as you'll be living out of it for the next couple of days so that means it has to contain all the essentials. I'm normally quite organised and a bit of an overpacker so always have everything.

Typical basics I carry around are sunglasses in a hard case (so they don't get crushed), phone (obviously), purse and a mini umbrella with a case - prevents the rest of your bag getting wet! Now these are absolute essentials.

Then I have what I call my pharmacy bag which is the purple plastic case and contains plasters, ibuprofen, paracetomal, lemsip, strepsils, lipbalm and some ice tea satchels for a necessary sugar boost (it's medical I swear). Then I have my balance activ fresh wipes* because hygiene in a festival is SO important and I would rather not come away with an infection thank you very much. Then theres your standard tissues, lipbalm, hair ties and Soap and Glory Hand Food (which is phenomenal).

And finally, the productive side - the notebook, the pen, the post it and the ear phones. Which once again are pretty standard. The notebook is useful simply because I always come up with ideas on the go so am constantly writing them down so I don't forget (i much prefer a pen and paper to evernote).

What are your festival essentials?

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