Festival Series: Mermaid Makeup

Festival Season is happening in full force and along with festivals come camping, feathers, hippie tasselled kimonos and generally fashion that wouldn't look as brilliant on the highstreet as paired with a those green Hunter wellies and some high waisted Levi cutoffs. Makeup is often the highlight of festivals (for me personally) as everyone seems to wear some sort of unique face paint or bright colours which I adore!

I adore eyeshadow sticks as they are basically eyeliner but softer, so it creates a more blendable look! 

Here's what I used for my mermaid esque makeup look!

  1. Using NV Colour Makeup Cheeky Stick in Roseblush*, dab along cheek bone and then blend with a blush brush. I absolutely love the colour as it's quite a deep pink but then again is a cream blush - but your brush bristles don't stick to it as its in a tube!
  2. Then I used my Boujois Bronzer and a contouring brush, then used a powder brush to blend the blush and bronzer so I didn't have any sharp lines.
  3. Then for the eyes. I used my NV Colour Makeup Mermaid green eye crayon* to line my waterline and then my top lid and smudged it a bit - then my Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara. I used a matte eyeshadow on my lid in a pale colour just as a base but it doesn't matter which one!
  4. And finally the highlight - Benefit High beam. It may seem odd applying highlight last but I've found I prefer my blush to set fully, especially if its a cream one, before I apply highlight as I use a liquid version.
  5. I finished off with my H&M Nude Dude lipgloss - so that the focus was on the eyes!
I am absolutely in love with NV Colour Cosmetics - their packaging is super cute and they sent me some love heart sweeties with the makeup which was so lovely! Would you wear this look? I think it's perfect for a festival!

Makeup I used:

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