Freshers Week Lookbook: The Final Part

[Dress: Missguided | Shoes: New Look | Clutch: New Look]

The final outfit! This gorgeous dress from Missguided is a wonderful neoprene fabric so the skirt part holds its shape fabulously! 

Once again electric blue is a bold part of the outfit but I think it contrasts with the darkness of my hair in a really great way! Off the shoulder dresses and tops are everywhere (Bardot tops) and they are so cute! They are flattering and I love them (my graduation prom dress was off the shoulder) because they're just a bit different; different enough to be unique but by no means wacky! 

I love the clutch as its a black lace over a baby pink plain clutch which means it's not as harsh as a pure black clutch but not soft enough as a purely pink one! I think the heels really add that spunky edge once again.

This dress could also be worn at weddings or general events - try pairing it with a pale pink heel and subtler makeup; put your hair up and it will instantly add an air of sophistication!

Now, this is the last part to the lookbook but not the end of my freshers week series! There will be a hair & makeup post coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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