Freshers Week Lookbook #3

[Top: New Look | Skirt: ASOS | Shoes: New Look | Bag: New Look]

So, the skirt makes yet another appearance in my lookbook but it is basically a staple outfit 0 you can even wear it in winter! Try a jumper, tights and boots.

But anyways. This peplum top is my go to outfit when I'm off out for the evening but I end up just wearing black jeans as it is so much easier that way! But I jazzed it up a bit here and threw on that skirt. I love electric blue as a colour and think it is definitely a great colour for summer and helps give you a bit of edge during the transitional months.

The heels once again are a staple. Black shoes go with anything and these give enough support to my ankle that I don't have to worry about rolling my ankle at all! Safety first folks (especially in Manchester where half the pavements are cobbled. Not fun.). If you are getting your first pair of heels, try and get a thicker heel as they're easier to walk on and you won't end up getting the heel lodged in anything.

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