The SkinCare Quad

I can't stress how important having good skin is and as an individual I've always stressed over it even to the extent where I went to a dermatologist at the age of sixteen to get my skin sorted once and for all but even now I'm cautious with what I put on my face and what products I use.

Having sensitive skin, I'm always slightly hesitant to accept skin care products as some do make my skin react in the worst way possible but I did my research with Ark Skincare and have fallen in love. From previous posts, you'll know I'm a bit of a cetaphil girl and I don't stray much from it but I've been using this quad of products for a week and my complexion has improved so much!

The range I've been using is the Age Prepare* which is targeted at teens to those in their early twenties and has an ethos of preparing for ageing - so to prevent the effects of ageing in the future!

The skin cleanser feels almost sticky but it has a cooling sensation and left my skin feeling clean but not squeaky clean which can mean that your skin produces extra oils so I was definitely pleased! I then used the exfoliator over areas which I think have the most blackheads (nose & forehead) and the texture of it is amazing. It isn't harsh but you can definitely feel the slight abrasion of it! Then the moisturiser which is light and lovely but also has a cooling sensation - sometimes moisturisers make my skin burn so I was so pleased with this one! And finally, the masque which is like a clay/lotion blend and it almost sinks into your skin so there isn't much to wash off!

I'm so pleased with the range especially as they are said to hit all my personal skin issues whilst still being made from natural ingredients so you reduce the amount of potentially harsh chemicals on your skin!

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