Freshers Week Lookbook #1

[Dress: ASOS | Jacket: New Look | Clutch: ASOS | Shoes: New Look]

So Freshers is around the corner and with that comes notorious club nights and that means dressing for it. But unfortunately, most of the "party dresses" available are bodycon and not fun whatsoever as I don't like bodycon. So that meant that I've been inventive and have put together a lookbook that will consist of 4 different outfits which will be up here!

This dress is from ASOS and has a lovely sweetheart neckline and is a skater style dress but the dark colour means its perfect for people who may not be massively confident about their bum or thighs (like me!) It's quite versatile and could be very formal if you wanted it to be, but I felt the leather jacket really took it down to smart/casual. And the chunky necklace is ideal for filling in the open space that the neckline leaves! 

This outfit is definitely more on the formalish side but have no fear, there are three more to come!

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