Autumnal Favourites

The clouds outside my window are ominous and with that is a sure sign of Autumn making it's presence known - I've been drenched at least three times this week with that horrible mist that Mancunians know as rain. Great fun. Time to bring out the waterproof mascara methinks.

But, that means that worries of getting too hot and sweaty have gone and my favourite jumpers have been dusted off as it's time to layer. With university, I'm not going to be too hot with the fashion posts but beauty posts are easy to do but I'll do my best.

I haven't done a beauty favourites in a while so I thought I would share things I've been loving and will continue to love throughout the cooler months. A couple of days ago I finally ran out of my typically favourite autumnal nail polish, Revlon's 'Vixen'. It's such a rich deep berry red on the blue spectrum and is almost feisty. But alas, there was not a drop left in the bottle and I had two choices, repurchase and be boring or logon to

. Guess what I did. I ordered a couple of items from Tanya Burr's makeup line. Tanya Burr is the only youtuber I consistently watch and in her recent vlogs, she's been wearing '

Red Riding Hood

' which once again is a deep red, although with slightly less blue undertones than '


'. So I clicked 'buy'. It is gorgeous. I have a picture of it on on my


. Both the consistency and colour is gorgeous. 

Another little Tanya Burr purchase was a lipgloss in the colour '


'. I'm not usually a lipstick person but things have changed. The colour is subtle enough for it not to be obvious (a good one for school or uni) plus it smells phenomenal - think essence of bubblegum. Without being too sweet. Celebrity makeup can sometimes be hit and miss but I'm glad I gave Tanya's a go because she has more products being released soon! Definitely try them!

Some of you fellow beauty bloggers will have heard of

Makeup Revolution

which is a phenomenal new makeup brand that was previously just online but can now be found in superdrug. What they do best is their Iconic palettes which are basically dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. And they're brilliant. I've never had a Naked palette but when one for the price of £4 comes to your attention, what could I do! I have the

Iconic 2

which is the Naked 2 dupe and I love it. It has a great range of matte and shimmery stage and although not initially overly pigmented, the colour builds really well, especially if you use a primer first. The only downside is that they don't have names like the Naked Palette shadows do.

And finally, those chocolate Bourbons which are my current favourite biscuit and currently live in my tin from Sainsburies labelled "Posh Biscuits only". No one mention that they were Tesco Everyday Value.

What are your favourites at the moment? Any recommendations for the cooler months?