Updated Room Details: University Halls

New day, new room.

Well not exactly but the next chapter of my life has meant moving into university halls which were unfortunately half the size of my prior room so a lot of sorting happened before the move! I've not photographed the kitchen or bathroom as we all know what they look like but I'll be doing a freshers essentials post at the end of the year and give you some tips and tricks that will hopefully be helpful!

All the furniture aside from the white chest of drawers and shoe rack was provided so that gave plenty of opportunity for free reign! One of my favourite things about the room is the size of the window which means I don't have to worry about having the fluorescent light on the entire time! I also invested (kind of) in some fairy lights to add a cosy feel to the room because this is basically where I'll be spending most of my time and as an introvert, I do need a quiet comfortable space to spend my time!

I already had a couple of baskets which I've used for condensing things together so that things aren't spread across my room! But otherwise theres quite a lot of storage space - I just have to make sure that I keep it tidy!

I hope this is a bit of an insight into university rooms whether you're moving soon or have just moved! One thing I always like to bear in mind is to use warm colours so that in winter when it's cold, that my room is the warmth. I have no idea if that makes sense but there you go!

What are your favourite things to do when decorating a room? Any tips?

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