The Five Product Face

[From left to right: Dandelion Lip gloss by Benefit, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, Supercat Eyeliner by Soap & Glory, 24 Hour False Lash Effect by Max Factor and Brow Shape and Define by Barry M]

We all have those days where the prospect of applying a full face of makeup is rather daunting, especially when it's early in the morning and you're still rubbing away the sleep from your eyes.

Fortunately, I've reached a good stage with skin so I don't actually need foundation on a daily basis so rely heavily on this concealer for covering up those telltale dark circles and the occasional blemish. If I have a ridiculous spot, I opt for my Collection Lasting perfection concealer but it's so pigmented that I find it's obvious if you don't use a foundation as well. But the Rimmel one is far creamier and easier to blend into your skin. 

On tired days, my eyes are definitely a window into my mind, hence the liquid liner. The Soap&Glory one is near fool proof so ideal for early morning starts. The mascara opens up my eyes that little bit more so I look more awake than I feel. I was blessed *cough*cough* with bold eyebrows and they need to be tamed on a daily basis and the Barry M kit is ideal as it contains a brush and a mini pair of tweezers as well as a wax, highlight and brow powder. However, I like using my Real Techniques brow brush as I the shape of the kit brush isn't quite right for my brows. And finally a slick of lipgloss and I'm good to go and ready to take on the world; after a gallon of coffee that is. 

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