Ripped Cashmere

[Jumper: H&M | Jeans: Hayden Ripped Jeans from Topshop | Boots: New Look]

So I love these jeans.

I bought them the weekend before Manchester Fashion Week (like in February) and I kind of forgot about them for a while until I reorganised my wardrobe not too long ago and was ecstatic to find that I still loved them as much as I did initially!

This jumper is new to me and it is honestly the softest knit ever. It's H&M (they do the absolute best jumpers ever) and I love it. I did have a H&M grey jumper but it shed so much because it was too fluffy that I popped it on ebay and sent it along to a better home i.e someone who actually owned a lint roller.

BUT this jumper is gorgeous and it looks super cute tucked in slightly into the mid/high rise of the hayden's. It would probably look better with a thin belt to break up the jeans & top but I didn't work that out until I had uploaded the photos. So, learn from me!

I think this is a perfect autumn outfit as the jumper is warm enough to not need a coat and it's so simple and casual and cute. Notice that these boots have been present in my last three outfits, well, I'm in Manchester where it rains (well, drizzles) on a daily basis so unfortunately my slip-ons get a little too wet for my liking. These boots are going to be glued to my feet for the next ten months really. Now thats what I call a good investment.

Anyways, I'm not sure how regular my posting is going to be after this post simply because I'm starting university in six days! Which means if you want to keep up to date with me, please follow my instagram and twitter which definitely will be updated regularly! There are bound to be a couple more posts and once I've moved in, I'll take some room pictures and do a new room tour.

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