Switch Off and Settle Down

I'm always on my phone. It's true but with emails, facebook, twitter and instagram constantly sending me notifications, it's hard to turn it off! It has everything on it and I would be at a loss if I ever lost it (knock wood). But I reached a point where I was "going to bed" by turning off all the lights, sitting in bed and would then start scrolling through my phone! And of course, I wouldn't be able to sleep because I was constantly thinking about whatever I had just read. 

This swiftly turned into a habit and I realised I had to make some changes - and it started with a trip to Ikea.

My bedroom was going to become zen. It needed to be calm and relaxing because quite frankly, I was getting far too stressed with university and my blog which needed to change. I picked up a couple of bits and bobs from Ikea to make this happen. First thing was some plants.

Ikea do a set of potted cacti for £4 and considering I'm often travelling, cacti were the only feasible plant option. I am now the proud owner of cacti and a fake plant that looks a bit like grass but it's amazing the difference it makes!

Then for the candles - now I typically get far too excited about candles but had to reign myself in as we're not allowed to light candles in my flat so I got ones that looked pretty rather than practical ones. Sticking with my natural neutrals theme, I got a set of 3 pillar candles which are different neutral shades. 

And finally, I picked up a pillow case for my little square pillow - turning it from red into a deep brown. 

For bedding, I was kindly sent a bedset and undersheet from Homebase and instead of going all white, I chose a sand coloured undersheet to avoid my bed looking sterile.

Overall, I'm so pleased with the results as my room (bed in particular) feels incredibly calming and a port of relaxation and I'm proud to say, that I turn my phone off at night and put it away.

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