Glass Like Manicures - Autumn Edition

I must admit, the only autumnal thing of this post is the nail polish colour - but lets push past that!

I've only just completely solidified a nail polish routine (apparently this is a thing) and with help from my favourite Vivianna Does Makeup, I've come up with some tips and products that help achieve a glass like manicure that lasts the entire week (a feat in itself!) I used to swear by the Rimmel Ultra Glossy top coat but when that ran out, I panicked because I have an inability to paint my nails unless they're done properly. 

So I picked up the Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat and accompanying Seche Base Ridge Filling Base (they're on ASOS) and was ready to go.  The colour I chose was Essie "Bordeaux" which is a deep wine red with blue undertones - perfect for the weather at the moment! 

I like to take off my old nailpolish with the Bourjois Magic Nail polish remover which is a little pot that contains a sponge with a hole in the centre - simply put your finger in, twist it a bit and the nail polish is removed! Plus, it doesn't smell terrible which is always a bonus with nail polish remover! I then use a bit of Soap & Glory hand food to soften the skin round my nails and push my cuticles back. Now for the fun part.

Simply paint on the base coat, which is incredible for making you look like your nails are flawless - the white undertone is ace for more sheer colours as it gives them more of a punch. Then the colour - I find two coats achieves a wonderful richness especially with Essie, and then the top coat. When it dries, your nails have an incredible glassy finish and quite frankly, I doubt I'll be able to ever use another top coat again - it's hit the ball out of the park.

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