Luxury Gifts for Her

We all have a special female someone whether its a girlfriend, mother, sister or even your best friend and Christmas presents can be incredibly difficult to buy - nothing can ever seem enough!

Ralph Lauren is an incredible brand that is not only of incredible quality but has an incredible collection of gifts perfect for that special someone - and when I was asked to pick out some of my favourite gifts, I jumped at the chance!

Theres a little something for everyone whether it's someone you're very close to and you're confident enough to buy them pyjamas or whether you're not too sure what kind of thing they like but settle for an equally gorgeous photo frame, there is something for everyone!

Whenever I struggle to buy a gift for someone, I instantly stray towards accessories like handbags and purses - something black and leather is always a staple and they always look classy and put together! Plus it's something the person is guaranteed to use! 

If they're a bit of a fashionista yet very much into they're home decor, the Vogue coffee table book is perfect as well as the Photo Frame - if you're feeling especially sentimental, pop a photo of you and the person into the frame! It's guaranteed to make them smile!

And of course, the compulsory pyjamas. I am a big fan of pyjamas and think they're perfect for everyone and a great way of buying a gift without having to be too paranoid about their personal style - the simple pinstriped design is ideal for everyone!

These gifts do vary in price so please have a little look around and have a look at all Ralph Lauren's gifts to see if there is something right for you!

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