Winter Dewy Skin


MUA Shimmer Highlight


Soap&Glory Luminous Face Powder


Bourjois Paris Bronzer


Sleek Contour Kit in Light


Benefit High Beam

One of the worst things about winter (aside from the constant drizzly rain) is how drying the cold is on the skin which means that all the dewiness from summer goes down the drain meaning that matte skin is often popular around winter.

However, I love a good glowy base regardless of the weather so have come up with a selection of highlighters from a variety of budgets perfect for putting the glow back into your skin!

One of my favourite budget buys is the Make Up Academy Shimmer Highlight which is nameless because there are only two shades available, a golden one and the pink toned one shown in the picture - but it depends on your skin type which one you go for. Although it looks pink, it's not pigmented enough for that to be obvious on your skin which means it acts simply as a highlight. This has a slight glittery element so I would say it's great for the evening.

Then we have a bit more expensive option, Benefit's High Beam. This once again has two colours available, the golden colour is called Sun Beam and goes really nicely with a bronze eye look. But once again, this is a really nice liquid highlighter. I dab it along the tops of my cheekbones, down my nose and on my brow bone and then just tap it with my fingertips until it blends. It gives a lovely sheen without being over the top - this doesn't have any glitter in it so is great for the day time. I think the fact that it's liquid makes it look far more natural and seems to blend really well with foundation. 

Soap&Glory's Glow All Out powder isn't necessarily a highlight but is a really great powder for making your skin look dewy all over - the powder is really finely milled so doesn't go cakey and is great for making your skin glow without looking oily which is perfect if you have oily or combination skin.

My all time favourite highlighter has to be from Sleek's Contouring and Blush Palette (which is an incredible contouring palette as well). This is probably the most natural looking highlight from the post as it just catches the light without looking like you're wearing makeup. This is my favourite for days where I want to look like I'm not wearing any makeup but still want to look fresh and dewy.

Do you have any highlighter recommendations or do you prefer a matte skin finish in winter?