Wrapping Up For Christmas

It's almost Christmas!

One of the best things about Christmas has to be buying the presents but suddenly this year, I was more excited to wrap them than actually buy them... I blame pintrest. Pintrest is a site that I've recently become obsessed with and I have spent far too much time on it looking at pretty presents. Which gave me the idea to kind of go with a shabby chic feel to the presents with plain brown parcel paper, bakers twine (red and white striped) and plain brown luggage tags. And instead of spending hours traipsing around shops, I headed to ebay which not only has cheap products that are sold at wholesale price but there are lots of little etsy esque shops but for half the price. 

But when I logged on, I came across this adorable snowman printed paper that is just so cute and is christmassy enough without being garrish! Instead of red and white twine, I found this plain red one and because of the white in the snowman, I was worried it would clash so red it was...

And finally, the gift tags! These were so cute I couldn't say no. 

All in all, I've just realised how sad it is to be this excited about wrapping christmas presents but I actually saved so much money through going to ebay - 10m of the wrapping paper was £2, the gift tags £1 and the twine £2 which was once again much cheaper than buying each one from an actual shop!

Do any of you get excited about wrapping presents or is it just me?

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