For Someone Who Has It All: The Book of Everyone

We always have those people in our life who we love dearly but struggle to find them the perfect christmas present and unfortunately, my brother falls into this category.

As a person, he's quite quirky and has so many interests that given the right shop (Think the gift shop at the Tate Modern), you could buy everything for him but if you can't find anything, you struggle. 

So when I found about the Book of Everyone*, I was ecstatic. The whole concept of the book is brilliant - it's all online and you enter the details of the person the gift is for, like their age, name and interests and it generates a book! It is an incredibly personal gift as you get to choose things such as the book cover, change page content and add in little things that only you could know.

The quality of the book is incredible, it's a hardback book and overall, aesthetically it's so lovely. Despite already seeing the book pages online, it was really nice to look through and see what I had digitally created come together on paper. 

However, you don't just have to have books for individuals, they also do "The Book of Dad", "the Book of Mum" etc.  And the best part is that they come in at less than  £20 which means they're perfect for secret santa gifts as well as the ideal gift for someone who has everything!

Is this something you might consider?

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