Getting Organised

Now, this is not another blog post on how to get organised whilst setting up a blog (there are enough of those thank you very much) but this is just a post on getting organised with life generally.

I'm generally quite an organised person with life in general- I would probably have a heartattack if I lost my moleskin diary as it has everything in it.

With university and this blog, I find that I need to write everything down - whether it's events I've been invited to, dates posts go live and of course, deadlines. I colour code everything and believe me, there is a high chance I would have forgotten everything had I not written it down! The notebook is the perfect size to carry around with me and has enough room to take general notes in it as I go!

I also have a massive A1 sized whiteboard calendar which means it's easy to see the month as a whole and generally get a perspective on how busy you're going to be or how much time you have spare! Thats probably the only downside to the notebook; the fact that it's only a week to view.

Are you generally an organised person? How do you keep yourself organised?

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