The Christmas (Canal Boat) Cruise with Greggs

Since the UK Blog Awards nomination and shortlist, I've been getting quite a few emails inviting me to events and such but none surprised me as much as a Greggs one! Greggs as in that rather well known baker that does the most incredible sausage rolls (and pastries in general) in the world and being a Mancunian, I've had my fair share of Greggs.... But this post is a bit late in coming, mainly due to a combination of scheduled posts and technical issues involving me losing my photos and then sighing with relief that my friend had copies.

What was incredibly lovely about the event was that I was invited to bring a plus one which meant that one of my good friends (of whom often helps with various bits for my blog) was able to come along and I think that has made me a little bit more appealing to be friends with!

The boat set off at around lunchtime and we were greeted with drinks and got to meet the lovely PR people involved and then of course, we got to eat!

What was lovely is that it was exactly how it would come in the shop. We got those little paper bags with our Stilton and steak pastry and the sandwiches were straight out of the packet. It made it so much more authentic and we knew that we were trying the same products you get in the shop!

One of the highlights was the festive bake which was basically christmas dinner wrapped in pastry which are two of my ultimate favourites. But of course the desert was incredible - the donuts looked like christmas puddings and the gingerbread christmas trees were divine! 

It was a lovely event and such a unique one! The team on the boat were also lovely and we all came away with a cute personalised stocking, mince pies and elf hat. It was a great day!

Have you ever been to Greggs? If you have, what's your typical snack choice?

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