A Letter to 16 Year Old Me

Dear 16 year old Ellie,

I hope you're well? It's been a while since we last spoke...

Hows school? I hope you're paying attention in class (yes, even in physics) and that things are going well. How are those pesky GCSE's? They'll be worth it in the long run. You may not realise it now, but those will determine the rest of your life, but don't worry, you pass them all (and come away with a couple of A's!) (And you'll even end up at a good university).

Stop worrying about the now as much, those people you want so desperately to like you, lots of them aren't worth it in the long run but just you wait, the friends you'll meet at university are ten times as better and believe it or not, they genuinely like you and are hilarious. Pay attention to those who want to spend time with you, don't blow them off for others who really aren't worth your time. And forget boys, they'll be far far too much of a distraction. There will be tears, but they're what make you strong.

Put down that makeup brush, you're wearing the wrong shade of foundation - but don't worry, you'll soon get that right, just give it a couple of years. You'll even learn to love your skin without a scrap of makeup (although your love of mascara will always stay strong). Don't over pluck those brows, you'll learn how to deal with them and whilst we're on that topic, stop filling them in with brown sparkly eyeshadow.

Stop acting like an airhead, you're better than that and all those qualifications prove it. Read. Write. Do both. Work hard. Study. You'll be able to watch those Youtube videos when those exams are over. Trust me.

I know this seems like I'm warning you for future events, but really they all helped to create the person you are today. Strong, independent, positive and with a successful blog. Who would have thought that four years ago, you'd have the opportunities you have today? P.S you get sent free makeup! 

But you'll also learn how to write, how to take photos, you'll learn the value of money, you'll have signed a contract for your first house, you'll have friends who you couldn't dream of living without, you'll be attending events with PR's, you'll have been shortlisted for a UK Blog Award, you'll be at university sat in bed writing this post, the hint of tears in your eyes as you try not to get over emotional at how much you've changed and believe me, all the stress, (what you think is) heartbreak, mental breakdowns and general downs are all worth it. What you think is a rubbish day now? You'll laugh about it in the future.

And the best part, things keep getting better.

Lots of love,
A 19 year old Ellie x

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