What's in my bag? The Travel Edition.

I travel a lot and as much as I'd like to say it's because of a glamorous job, it's purely because my parents live abroad, which not only means that I rack up those air miles but also means I know what is and isn't necessary.

First of, let's be honest. No one emerges from a long haul flight looking like a goddess. As much as I'd like to say, I take my makeup with me, apply it in a tiny cubicle (in the midst of turbulence) and waltz off the plane looking like Beyonce, I don't. No one does, the only time I might consider this is if I have a stopover and therefore have the opportunity to have a shower - I shouldn't need to tell you that applying makeup on unclean skin is a recipe for disaster! Plus, if you're carrying around all that makeup, it's extra weight and makes going through security a nightmare (especially in the UK, yikes!) I normally wear some waterproof mascara and deal with it. However if the thought of not wearing makeup makes you squeam, take some make up wipes with you and make sure you cleanse your face properly before reapplying. 

Although I don't bother with makeup, lipblam is an absolute necessity. I love carmex because it contains menthol which instantly refreshes your lips. I apply this as soon as I step onto the plane as it also prevents my lips from drying up by acting as a barrier against the dry air. 

Fortunately, years of flying (we're talking fourteen here) has meant that my skin doesn't dry out so I don't bother taking a moisturiser with me but at home when getting ready, I usually apply a thicker one in the morning. However, if you suffer from dry skin on a day to day basis, I would recommend decanting a moisturiser into a clear (label it) bottle or purchase a travel size version to take with you. If you're planning to do this, make sure it's already in a zip loc bag - it makes going through security far easier.

Gum is a necessity as well (if I'm on a flight over six hours or a night flight I pack a travel toothbrush) as airplane food can often make your breath smell and in a close environment, it's not worth making your neighbour uncomfortable. Also, it helps stop your ears from popping.

Whilst we're on the subject of personal hygiene, I would advise packing a mini deodrant or perfume so that you smell as fresh as a daisy! But don't forget to avoid aerosol versions as they're not allowed in your hand luggage. But if you're travelling by car, bring all the aerosols you want! The same applies to dry shampoo - I don't both because Batiste is in an aerosol and those are almost always confiscated at security.

Hydration is massively important and I take an empty water bottle with me on flights - I like bobble bottles because they have a filter which means that you're drinking safe water. I normally ask an air hostess if she can fill my bottle as soon as I'm on the flight - they don't mind! But if I'm on a train or car journey, I obviously take a filled bottle! The one I have is 660ml which means I'm keeping track of how much I'm drinking!

I've always been taught better safe than sorry which is why I bring any necessary medication along with me - I tend to favour piriton (for allergies), paracetamol and strepsils. But make sure if you're flying, that they're in the box or they can sometimes be confiscated! 

A good purse is always necessary - I have a Cath Kidston one that has sufficient compartments for all those cards and currencies but not too big that it doesn't fit in a bag!

I always throw in a pen for immigration forms, some business cards (because you meet all sorts of people on plans, trust me), my iPad or a book, my keys and my flat keycard and bus pass.  

And finally, the actual bag. This bag is from H&M who do brilliant tote bags and it's big enough for everything (including my laptop) and it has a zip which means nothing is going to fall out into the luggage bin! My brother gave it to me a couple of years ago which means it's unlikely to still be in store but ASOS do several totes and shoppers that are ideal for travelling. This is also my favoured bag for a weekend away as it fits everything you need!

Of course, don't forget your passport and tickets!

Is there anything you deem a necessity when travelling?

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