LookFantastic Beauty Box x April 2015


This is my first ever beauty box. Yes thats right, even as a beauty blogger, this is my first ever box and boy was I excited.

LookFantastic is one of my go to websites for beauty bits as it stocks basically everything, shipping is free and brilliant and the service all round is just top notch so the fact that my first ever beauty box is from a bookmarked site is very exciting!

April's box includes six incredible products from a variety of angles so it's not the end of the world if you're not a big beauty girl - there's something for everyone!

The biggest item in the box is the Forza Multi-Vitamins for dieters and please don't roll your eyes. When people diet, (unless they are on a purely clean eating diet), they can often lose essential nutrients and vitamins and these multivitamins are there to help you if your diet is making you feel slightly lacklustre. The vitamins aren't just for dieters though but contain zinc for hair and nails, collagen as well as your typical vitamins.

Then we have CB12 Mouthwash the best part about this is the size - perfect handbag size! I normally carry mints with me but have popped this in as it claims to prevent bad breath for up to 12 hours - as bad breath is my worst nightmare (hence the mints) this is ideal, even if you use it before you go out! Plus, it doesn't make you feel like your mouth is on fire.

Innika Cosmetics is a brand I hadn't heard of before but their classic black eyeliner in the box was right up my street. I don't wear much on my lower waterline but I do tightline every day to emphasise my liquid liner. Up till now, kajal had been my go to but the lasting power is unbelievable! And better yet, the whole cosmetics line is organic!

I love a bit of texture in my hair, so my eyes lit up when I saw the pot of TIGI Bed Head Manipulator, I was intrigued. I half expected it to have the same texture as a wax but it's surprisingly runny! I rubbed a bit between my fingers and used it to add some volume and it definitely does what it says although it's probably best for you ladies (or gents) with shorter hair! 

Korres is a big brand so adding their Aloe & Soapwort Shampoo to my collection was no problem! It's a clarifying shampoo which is ideal if you like a bit of product in your hair or simply need to give your hair a good clean (or for those sunday mornings where you've put off washing your hair a bit too long). This is definitely going to be my new Sunday shampoo and I can't wait to give it a try!

And finally, we have the Balance Me Revitalising Hand and Body Wash. Balance Me is yet another brand I'm familiar with and this is lovely. I love zingy, fresh scents - the perfect way to wake me up on a Monday so this is wonderful. It's a big container (potentially even full sized but don't quote me on this one) and is in a great squeezy bottle. I love it.

Will you be picking up April's beauty box? Quick, grab it before it goes!

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