The Daniel Wellington Watch: Timeless Style

Classic watches are making a comeback and they're popping up everywhere. And why not? Even though almost the entire country has a mobile phone of some sort, there is something nice about a classic watch on your wrist as they are essentially an accessory.

The watch I have is

Daniel Wellington's Classic Sheffield

with a Rose Gold face which adds a wonderfully feminine and somewhat modern touch to what could potentially but a masculine watch. 

The strap is real leather and rather stiff at first but loosens up after a couple of uses and although the watch face is quite large, because I'm tall (we're talking 5"9 ish here) it just fits however, if you're petite, I would definitely recommend having a look at a smaller watch face. But I love it.

Watches are tricky and I've been looking at purchasing one over the past couple of weeks but was unable to find the perfect watch due to font, colouring, size etc; I think with a watch there are so many different factors to consider but this is simply lovely.

And even better, if you are looking at getting one, you can get

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May 31st.

 And although the watch is quite pricey, considering it's so timeless, I'll be wearing this for as long as it keeps going!

Are there any pieces you deem classic?

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