The Spring Summer Shoe Edit

I love shoes, however, there is only one problem, I have size nine feet which means that whenever a shoe fits, I buy it because there is no guarantee that I'll find another version that will also fit. It's a hard life.

Now that it is relatively warm, I've popped my black chelsea boots on the bottom shelf of my shoe rack and pulled up my "summer" shoes. So I decided to share three pairs of shoes that I believe to be essentials for summer. Obviously as everyone has a different style, you may need different pairs or colours but I'm pretty sure these cover all bases.

Being a student and reliant on buses, comfort is my ultimate goal which is why two of these are flats. I adore wearing skirts and dresses in the summer and although a pair of converse adds a sporty twist to the outfit, I love these Tan Woven Sandals as they're not quite ballet flats and not quite sandals; the perfect in-between for someone who loves how sandals look but not how they feel. They also add a summery feel to an outfit and add a different twist to the standard converse and jeans.

But as it is England, it's never guaranteed that wearing sandals won't result in frostbite so these White Flatforms are wonderful. They're incredibly similar to the far more expensive YSL version and look great with every outfit. Because they have a slight platform sole (it's hardly noticeable, don't worry), they add a bit of height without the discomfort of high heels. These look wonderful with a denim skirt and a top with bell sleeves - the complete seventies look. You can pick up a similar pair here.

What would summer be without a wedding? Because I'm still quite young (twenty on Sunday!), it hasn't quite reached the stage where all my friends are getting married, but one is getting married in July so of course that meant a new outfit and new shoes. I know these are black but I'm definitely picking up a nude/pale pink version as they're incredible. These strappy lace up high heels, inspired by the Gieuseppe Zanotti version that the Kardashians love, these heels are great for a night out and if you choose a different colour, a wedding as well. They're not too high that they're uncomfortable but they're high enough to give a little twist to your outfit.

If you're looking for a cheaper shoe choice for the summer, make sure you check out Tesco for a wide and on trend variety of shoes!

What are your spring/summer shoe essentials? What do you think of my choices?

Written for Tesco.