In the Shower

Since I don't really do many youtube videos (although this might change...) I wanted to do a blog alternative to your standard evening routine esque videos which I love, mainly because I'm nosy about these kind of things. 

I've written several posts on various favourites but I'd realised I'd never done one purely focused on a routine as such so keep an eye out for those over the next few weeks and check out my hair care one


. But for now, have a peek into my shower and check out my choices that I use at least daily.

My hair care routine remains the same, I use the 

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil range

 as my standard shampoo and then once a week or dependent on how my hair has been feeling, I use the

Sacha Juan Hair Repair Mask

 which I leave on as a deep conditioning treatment. 

In shower, I don't use anything particularly fancy - it's all drugstore for me as who spends lots on soap? As my standard body wash, I use this

Bath and Bodyworks Eucalyptus and Spearmint Body Wash

 because I love how invigorating the scent makes me feel. My favourite shower scents have to be citrus or minty ones as they really help me wake up properly in time for those nine am lectures. I picked this up in Malaysia and I know it's readily available in the US but I have no idea about the UK. Before this, I used to use the

Original Source TeaTree and Mint

Shower Gel

 which normally retails for £1 in most drugstores (their pink grapefruit is also amazing!). But in times like now where Summer is setting in, I've been using the

Imperial Leather Foamburst Honey & Almond Oil Foaming Shower Gel

 because it's brilliant for shaving your legs as it feels like shaving foam but far more moisturising. It smells sweet but it's not too overpowering and really helps reduce any pesky razor burn.

Once I'm done with the routine shaving of the legs, I've been loving the

Nivea In Shower Moisturiser

 which is amazing. I never


use body moisturiser unless my legs are in a really bad state or are itching so using this in the shower really reduces the amount of time required after shower, plus it doesn't leave my skin feeling tacky like many moisturisers. 

I don't do much of my skin routine (specific post coming soon!) in the shower unless I have a hair mask on but if I do, I only use two products. First off, I take off my makeup using the

Una Brennan Super Facialist Brightening Facial Oil

which is amazing! Despite having combination skin, I need an oil based cleanser to breakdown my waterproof mascara but it doesn't leave my skin oily at all and reduces the need for a moisturiser afterwards. Then once my makeup is removed with a flannel, I use my favourite

Oskia Renaissance Gel Cleanser

 to cleanser my face. It smells like rose and leaves my skin bright and soft.