Job Interview Style with City Calling


With the university year over, there will be loads of you out there, fresh graduates and looking for jobs and although I'm not yet in that situation, I can imagine the stress is there and one thing I can definitely empathise is the stress of job interviews. I've experienced my fair share and there is nothing like the sweaty palms and hammering heart but most seriously, what should I wear? 

Regardless of the type of job, dressing smart for the interview is essential and one of the big questions is making your outfit a little more exciting than a standard suit which don't always do females the most justice. So here are my top tips.
  • Think outside the box, instead of fitted skirts, try a midi one. It's the type of material that makes it classier and paired with a polo neck jumper, they can look so classy. For summer, try a polo neck knit vest. 
  • In Winter it's all about dark colours, but nudes and blush tones are back in a big way. Instead of a black blazer, try a white. It will freshen up your look and make you stand out!
  • A pair of court heels will transform any outfit but if you're applying for a job in the fashion industry, why not try a lace up pair of heels which are so fashionable.
  • Bright pin striped trousers are another way to jazz up a standard suit. Tuck in a classic white shirt for a feminine yet put together outfit.
But if you don't have an interview yet, City Calling has loads of jobs online that could help you find something that's right for you!

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