Eight Things I Hate About Being A Car Passenger

I'm a student and as a fresh twenty year old, loads of my friends are starting to buy cars (despite high insurance and petrol costs) and I can tell you that I've had a couple of interesting car rides. Now because I'm not about to name and shame anyone, I thought I'd share some of the most "interesting" car rides I've been involved in. So here are the eight things that make me freak out when in a car:

  1. When the driver is facing the back seat for more than a minute at a time. Face. The. Road.
  2. When the driver takes their hands after the steering wheel. It honestly doesn't matter who I'm in the car with. If you take your hands off the wheel, I will panic. End of.
  3. When guys think it's a really good idea to race their friend. In traffic. 
  4. When the driver goes over the speed limit and my heart feels like it's fallen out of my stomach. The first minute is fun, then it's worrying.
  5. One thing that always terrified me whilst living in Brunei is when the rain was so heavy, it was like driving through ridiculously thick fog. To the extent where you could hardly see a metre in front. The unpredictability was worrying.
  6. Driving on ice. I don't like it and the fear of the car sliding is terrifying.
  7. Seeing drivers than have their headphones in. The car has a stereo for a reason, use it.
  8. Please don't cut off other drivers. It makes me nervous for the potential car crash.
It's safe to say I'm a fairly nervous passenger with almost everyone my age, mainly because I know they don't have as much experience and when they openly tell me that they don't think they're a good driver.

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