Getting Nakd

Healthy eating is everywhere at the moment and particularly plant based diets. With the rise of healthy instagrams and blogs such as DeliciouslyElla and Hemsley & Hemsley, it's back in the spotlight and you can't log onto instagram without seeing avocado on toast!

So recently I've been adapting to a more plantbased diet but as someone with the occasion sweet tooth, it's important to have snacks in the house that won't prevent you from falling off the bandwagon. 

I'm very much of the belief that fruit sugars are jam packed full of goodness which is why Nakd bars are some of my favourites. About a year ago, Nakd bars were tough to find (aside from Holland&Barrett) but now they're everywhere and easy to get a hold of. They're made up of a base of dates and dependent on the specific flavour, cashews etc. But essentially, they're fruit and nut based. Completely gluten free, lactose free and full of energy. 

Dates are a well known source of energy and I almost always keep a bar or too in my bag. The flavours are incredible and my favourites include Cherry Bakewell, Strawberry Crunch and Cocoa Orange. If you've never tried them before, you can get a variety of these healthy cereal bars from Natural Balance Foods for a reasonable price. It's a great way of trying them all without having to buy a box of each! 

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