A Closer Look at Muji Sensitive Skincare

It's no secret that I love my skincare and strongly believe that sometimes it's worth paying more to protect it but when browsing the store of my dreams - Muji, I noticed these bad boys and with each one coming in at around £5, how could I say no.

Budget skincare is known for it's standard issue clay masks, foaming face cleansers and scrubs so harsh that you'd be lucky to be left with skin that wasn't red raw and potentially bleeding. Perhaps a slight exaggeration as I love my Una Brennan, but realistic for the most part. *Shudders at the thought of Clearasil*

But with Muji, there was none of this nonsense in sight. It was stripped back, basic and to the point (leaving my skin blemish free). Reminiscent of it's Japanese past and similar to high end versions such as SKII, it features my favourite part, the Essence. Similar texture to a serum, it's the ideal moisturiser for someone with combination skin and perfect for anyone during the warm summer months.

But before getting to the essence part, we have several other components. As a cleanser, we have a luxuriously thick cream cleanser that is wonderful for leaving the skin moisturised and softer than it was before. As it's part of the sensitive skin range, there is no scent but it it is wonderful for cleansing after removing any dirt following makeup removal.

Following the cream cleanser there is another product which I'm not particularly impressed with but it's far better than some of the market equivalents. The toner. Similar use and texture to a micellar water, its refreshing and I could imagine it would be wonderful in a spray bottle. I've not used it as toner as I love my acid toners but I have used it on occasion to remove my makeup after a long night. It's nice, but not worth shelling out for.

If you're interested in the skincare range, I'd highly recommend the essence and cream cleanser. There are definitely better alternatives at a high end price (we're talking £40 here), but if like me, you're a student on a budget, these are brilliant and perfect for keeping your skin supple. People with sensitive skin, it does what it says on the tin and didn't make my skin break out whatsoever. 

It's five stars for me. Especially at it's price.