Spa at the Midland Experience

First of all, I'd just like to apologise for the lack of pictures but unfortunately my camera lens steamed up and therefore wouldn't focus.

But onwards!

I was recently luck enough to be given the opportunity to take a guest to the brand new Spa at the Midland (which is essentially one of the poshest hotels in Manchester) and experience a treatment, lunch and the facilities.

Now, I wasn't sure what to expect as a spa day in the city didn't really seem to work out in my mind but I can assure you, that's what it is. The Spa is located on the lower ground floor of the hotel and it's mostly self contained which means you're unlikely to bump into a hotel guest whilst wearing your fluffy towel and slippers. 

So my mum and I set off, and were instantly transported into a world of relaxation from the muted walls and the soft music in the background, I was ready to relax. Both of us were given the opportunity to choose the music for the treatment room and then we were whisked off to the changing room, ready to experience the facilities.

The Spa itself is surprisingly big and contains an indoor pool, a jacuzzi/ hot tub, an experience shower where you can select what type of weather the spray mirrors, a salt infused steam room and finally a rock salt sauna. They're all incredible and it's a bonus that there's no phone signal so we were able to completely shut off from the world.

We both opted for a back massage which involved a standard massage, a mud mask, exfoliation and leg massage - brilliant! It was an hour long but it went so fast! But the best part - we were then taken through into a relaxation room full of hanging pods (see picture above) where we helped ourselves to tea and a macaron! 

An extra bonus was the lunch where we chose the Superfood menu which was surprisingly filling and so delicious! The only downside was that we were served cous cous despite the menu saying it was quinoa - but no biggie!

Overall, the whole day was incredible and I was ridiculously close to falling asleep I was so relaxed. It's a wonderful place to go for the day and just escape from the busyness of the city! The whole experience was wonderful and I felt like jelly afterwards which is always a good sign!

Would you be interested in trying a spa day in the city?