High Summer Beauty Essentials

So, not a typical summer essentials post today (been there, done that) but a high summer essentials so in plain English, a mid summer essentials. Fellow Brits out there know that our summers are often shattered into blocks of rare sunshine - an odd week in June, an odd week in August and if we're lucky, most of September. This is great, it's like an extended summer however it means we've always got to be prepared. But silky smooth legs is not what I'm talking about...

Whilst I may have lived in Asia for the vast majority of my life, by the time I reached the shaving my legs stage, I was living in a Muslim country where my school uniform consisted of an ankle length skirt, therefore banishing the razor to a corner of my bathroom. 

But alas, living in a country where showing my knees doesn't ellicit looks, I've learnt to cleverly disguise the fact that I haven't shaved my legs in a week. We're talking about the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Use Oil which is essentially a cheaper version of the Tom Ford or Nars shimmering body oil. Spraying this on my legs gives them a wonderful glowing look - the coveted Victoria's Secret legs if you will. The shimmer and newfound bronze manage to hide the day old stubble whilst still allowing me to look perfectly glamourous. 

Whilst my legs are the bane of my existence, so are my feet. I have perfectly fine feet, they are feet, but they are never in tip top shape. Coming from the winter months when they're wrapped up in Primark's finest thermal socks, they never look summer ready. I love bright pinks or blues on my toe nails and sealed with a lick of Seche Vite, they'll last the entire year! I love Essie Super Bossa Nova and Barry M Blueberry. However, when reaching for the sandals, it's time to sand them down and make them look like they've been in a footspa all year round - hence the Scholl Express Pedi. This is essentially a battery powered sander for your feet and it's bloomin brilliant. My feet are now as soft as a baby's bottom and I have achieved the coveted year round foot spa aesthetic. You're welcome.

And finally, the hair. With higher temperatures comes more oil which typically results in greasy hair syndrome which is why I always have a mini dry shampoo stashed in my handbag. But I've gone off Batiste and am now reaching for my Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder which is brilliant because it doesn't result in day three itchy hair. My hair smells clean, looks clean and has an added oomph. Definitely worth the price tag.

What are your high summer essentials?

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