Meet Your Budget Student Takeaway Choices

Students know all about living on a tight budget - but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out when it comes to gorgeous takeaway. That’s why hungryhouse have launched their student-only Cheap Chow discount programme which guarantees to give students first-dibs on the best takeaway deals in town.

Cheap Chow: The Lowdown

Cheap Chow is a student-only newsletter that hungryhouse sends out throughout the academic year informing students about the best deals, discounts and offers available on hungryhouse. If this wasn’t enough, every student who signs up to Cheap Chow also gets a big 20% discount to use on hungryhouse too.

How can students sign up?

Signing up is easy. Simply go the the hungryhouse Cheap Chow page, and pop in your name & university ( email address. You'll then receive the discount via email. 

The Cheap Chow programme (and the 20% discount) is open to all students who have a valid University email address!

Sounds cool, anything else?

Whether you’re a Fresher who’s new in town or a veteran third-year, hungryhouse have also compiled a guide to the UK’s most student-friendly takeaways in order to help you get to know the best bargain takeaways in your city. The takeaways were recommended by real students, so you know the recommendations are legit! ;)

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