Hello Sailor

Get me with all these outfit posts. Some say miraculous, some say... Well.

The weather has still been annoyingly awkward and although it was bright sunshine when I took these, it was raining five minutes prior. Annoying. So I'm having to dress for transitional weather which means layering so that if it heats up, I can always peel things off to cool down (I ended up not wearing the jacket at all).

But I find wearing a dress underneath a jumper is a brilliant idea as the jumper helps you stay warm but the dress alone can be really summery. I think striped dresses are so flattering and versatile, I've worn this dress to work, out and to meetings - its what you wear it with thats important. I'm obsessed with this Zara jumper as it shows what you're wearing underneath and just adds a different texture to the mix.

And finally, I really think the sunglasses add something to the outfit. Mirrored lenses have been massive for quite a while and the blue tinge adds a touch more colour to an otherwise fairly monochrome outfit. 

A jumper and dress combo has definitely been a go to option for me, what are your favourite options for cooler weather?