Wear A Red Lip with Leather

How do full time style bloggers do this thing?

Thankfully I had a very patient brother helping me with these photos who allowed me to awkwardly flap about and try to look like I knew what I was doing.

But yeah, this is the second part to my day to night styling challenge with George Denim and this is the night part. I've worn this outfit numerous times and it's so easy to look put together with a good pair of boots and a blood orange lip ("Blood orange? She's so pretentious, it's ******* red.") Bonus points if you get the reference. 

As we're heading deep into cooler weather, my dresses are being shoved back into the depths of my wardrobe and my go-to night out outfit involves black skinny jeans (original) and a nice top with a leather jacket and heeled boots. This top is from ASOS and I love the off shoulder detail, it makes a relatively simply outfit just have that little bit of edge to it. 

The boots are relatively new to my wardrobe and I am majorly heart eyes over them. Zara has finally brought out size nine shoes and these are incred. Patent leather with quite a high rise on the heel, they make me feel like I'm far cooler than I actually am.

And finally, the lipstick really adds that extra edge. It's Kendall Jenner's shade with Estee Lauder called "Restless". The colour is beautiful and it's matte which is an extra bonus. 

Sidenote, I tried to do a super cool thing where I was putting on my jacket in some of the photos but instead it just looked like I was throwing some serious shapes. Those pictures didn't make the cut.

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