The Contour Edit

I love a good contour and the whole instagram makeup aesthetic is really something I'm obsessed with (blame Jaclyn Hill...). And although I rarely wear a full face of makeup, when I head out for the night, I contour MAJORLY.

This newfound love for contouring has led to a bit of an obsession with contour palettes and the quest to find my top choice that just works. (Also, I know it does because I once had a complete stranger compliment me on my contour on a night out...)

Going from budget to seriously high end, one of my favourites is the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit which was inspired by the makeup artist who is famed for creating Perrie Edwards' cheekbones. And it's less than £10. It has a brilliant yellow pressed powder and the contour shade is highly pigmented and the perfect cool toned brown. It blends out really well but is brilliant for beginners and experts (and the price tag definitely helps...).

Then onto a far more famed contour palette is the Anastasia Contour Kit which I definitely expected to be far better than it actually is. I love it, and it's good but I really don't think it lives up to the hype which made it out to be some miracle product. I love the shade "Fawn" for my contour but that's really the only shade I use so I wish I had just bought the single colour. It's definitely worth having a look and testing the palette out before you shell out for the whole thing.

And finally, the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette which is another Jaclyn Hill induced purchase and this is brill. It's SO hard to get in the UK but if you ever make a Sephora order or have a friend in the US, then definitely try to get it. I personally think this is better than the Anastasia Palette so if you're looking for a high end kit, definitely try this one first.

What are your favourite contour kits?
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