The Jumper Blues

Whilst I hate the rain, wind and hail, I love the chill that means that I can break out the jumpers and scarves. I love soft, knitted things (and you may have noticed, all in monochrome).

This is a somewhat unusual post for me as it's fashiony without being too fashion if you catch my drift. But I wanted to share some of my ultimate locations for buying the softest and warmest jumpers for the cold months ahead. 

One of the best places to buy knitwear in my opinion has to be H&M. Whilst their website and shipping is abismal for online shopping, they're very reasonably priced and brilliant for stocking every colour in every basic under the sun. I love chunky oversized jumpers and H&M have loads in stock for less than a tenner, and they're good quality.

Primark definitely come into their own in winter as they also stock jumpers and thick knit cardigans for low prices, although there has definitely been a recent price increase. Now, not everything there is for me as sometimes the knits can be quite scratchy but I recently picked up a couple of jumpers there that are close becoming some of my favourites to wear. They've also got masses of incredibly oversized thin knit ones for around the £10 mark. Once again, apologies if you're not in the UK but Primark don't have an online shopping service as of yet.

And then onto Zara. Zara has a bit of a reputation for being quite pricey and whilst there are items in there that result in a mini heart attack over price, their basic range is really affordable and very high quality. I've picked up several jumpers from there and own ones that are both thin knit and chunky, plus the striped one in the image above. They all hover around the £15-20 mark but they're such high quality that the price is definitely worth it. Although Zara sizing does have a reputation for running small, their knitwear always runs true to size. 

Now, this isn't a choice that many people my age tend to go for but Marks and Spencer's has really upped it's game lately and their knitwear is really worthwhile a nosy. Whilst their Per Una range is definitely for those women aged thirty upwards, their Limited Edition and Indigo range often have gems that are amazing. Their pricing hovers around Topshop prices (think £30 upwards) but it's high quality and you're less likely to encounter every fifteen year old girl owning the same thing as you.  

Where are your go to places for winter clothing?
Ellie Dickinsonfashion