Underrated Skincare

It should be no surprise that I'm a skincare fiend and skincare posts are definitely my favourite to write as I take great pride in being able to wear my skin bare without makeup.

But I can assure, it's not always been this way. If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll remember that I had an absolute nightmare with my skin till I was about eighteen and then I got my act together and sorted it all out.

One of the first things I sorted out was hydration because despite having skin on the combination side, I used to be convinced that this meant saying no to moisturisers and oils. I still apply oils every evening but for the day, I reach for hydration mists. &Other Stories is a brand that many people know for their clothing but a little known fact is that they were initially set up as a beauty brand and then expanded into clothing. So their beauty is brilliant. And so is their skincare. Their Spray Genie Face Mist contains rose and mineral water so is very calming but brilliant for making sure that your skin is moisturised. &OtherStories is a brilliant brand to have a look at for skincare (and beauty) - it's all stripped back to the basics but is exactly what you need.

If you're from the USA, you'll probably know this brand, but Boscia is a little known brand for those on the other side of the pond. But it's brilliant. It's stocked on Sephora but you can also get it from Roses Beauty Store which is a UK website that sells American beauty products. I love the Boscia Makeup Removing Oil but their Luminzing Black Mask is unbelievable. It's designed to remove blackheads and it forms a sticky plastic layer on your skin. I use it on my t-zone and it's incredible how brightening it is! I definitely reach for the moisturiser afterwards but with results, I can't complain.

Then onto a brand that seems to have moments in the beauty world and then fades out but I honestly believe that Origins is one of the best skincare brands out there, particularly their Original Skin Face Mask. The mask is a baby pink but honestly rejuvenates your skin after the fifteen minutes of using it. Origins always have amazing masks and I adore their Drink Up Intensive and their Charcoal mask (blanking on the name!). Origins is one of those brands that always do great skincare and it doesn't cost the earth either.

And finally, REN Skincare which similarly to Origins, seems to come in waves but it's another brand that I think can do no wrong. I believe it's a Swedish brand (but don't quote me on that) so it's a brand that very much focuses on the essentials. I love their Clearcalm 3 and Radiance ranges the best, particularly their Clearcalm Clay Cleanser which is a lovely cleanser that avoids stripping the skin too much yet still leaves my skin feeling clean. It's ideal for a second cleanse. I also adore their Glycolactic Mask which I've talked about numerous times but contains AHA's so is a brilliant exfoliating mask and leaves your skin feeling fresh and glowy.

What are some of your favourite skincare brands?
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