The Blogger Misconception

I'm not a big blogger, I'm not famous and I don't shower in money, but I love what I do. I receive an average of about five packages a week and I'm pretty sure my postman deserves a present of some sort. But it doesn't match the reality.

Although my housemates are slowly starting to understand that I'm not an extreme shopaholic or anything like that, there were definite initial misconceptions that I was loaded because let's be honest, I'm living the illusion of a life that is beyond my means. My instagram features champagne events and designer handbags and I regularly feature coffee shops which should amount to hundreds of pounds a week being spent. But it's not the reality.

If you're a blogger (small or large), you'll understand the thrill of being put on a PR mailing list, the thrill of unknown packages but you'll also start to understand the snide comments you can sometimes receive, "Oh but you can afford it, right?". Actually, no I can't. I'm a student and I recently quit my job because of the stress that trying to do it all brought up, but it also caused me to question this life I was portraying.

I like to think of myself as honest, I always disclaim when it's PR samples and I desperately try to make my friends aware that I'm not spending cash because there are weeks when I struggle (we're talking the end of the month here). Because it doesn't matter how much designer makeup I'm wearing or the new clothes, because it wasn't bought by me. Because the blogging life isn't a reality.

It's a world where image is everything, I couldn't enter the world of Youtube simply because I've seen the hate that heavyweights such as Zoella get and really, I couldn't imagine putting more of my life online than I already do. And I'm not complaining, I love it and am so grateful for being at the stage I'm at now.

So this post is for the bloggers that envy lives of others and the normal people who follow me because they like my writing, just make sure you know the back story - a lot of it is smoke and mirrors.