6 Gifts to treat yourself with in 2018


Giving gifts to others can, and usually is, an amazing experience. An act of selflessness makes everyone feel better because it rarely is about the object that’s being gifted, but rather about the notion of giving. But there are times when a person needs to pamper themselves just a bit. Whether it’s a hard period in life or a reward for going through with something difficult, everyone deserves a little pick-me-up in life, especially if it’s from the self for the self.

New Phone

It should go without saying that a phone is one of the most useful things that a person can own. So, if you wanted to buy something nice for yourself, then a good smartphone is just the item to buy. If you’ve been ready for an upgrade for some time now, then don’t hesitate and get yourself a new phone – you deserve it.

Kitchen appliances

The kitchen is probably the most important room in the household. Without it, we won’t be able to sustain ourselves with nutrition, so it’s important to keep it in good condition. It’s an excellent idea to get something new for the kitchen, especially as a gift for you because it’s not only a gift but an addition to something that’s useful. Items like fryers and grills are always a great choice.

Video Games

If you’re in the habit of playing video games, and like most adults, barely have the time to play, it might be a nice present to yourself to buy that game that’s been enticing you lately. It can keep you occupied from the stress of daily life just enough, so why not enjoy a little me-time and dive away into a fantasy world made for your enjoyment.

A good book

There’s rarely a better way to treat yourself than with a nice new book. It can be a friend, a teacher, or a partner, in both stressful and leisure times. You might choose the fantastical Harry Potter series, or possibly a book about Marxism – whichever it is, you deserve it. Don’t forget to check out The Works’ price drop sale where you can find plenty of gifts to give yourself.

Personal Cosmetics

It might seem a bit odd at first, but cosmetics can be the perfect gift for the self. There’s a unique feeling when you feel soft and clean going to bed, and you think you’ve been missing from your kit lately, now it’s the perfect time to update it completely. Don’t forget, it’s not only about how you look, but also how you feel that’s important.


There’s an adage that says – a man’s home is his castle. And nobody likes their castle to be bland and uninspired, and to give off an ambiance that’s sorely lacking. When you woke up today and felt that something was missing in your bedroom, then something nice and pretty might just be it.

Family and friends are always important, but the self is the most important person in one’s life. So, make sure to treat yourself to something nice every once in a while, to remind yourself that you’re still number one in your life.

Ellie Dickinson