5 Things I’ve Learned About Owning a Car


If you’re a vigilant follower of mine, you may have noticed a couple of weeks ago on my Instagram stories that I mentioned that I am now a car owner. Having passed my test over a year ago and soon starting a job that requires a car, it was very much a necessity purchase, hence why I am now the proud owner of a silver Ford Focus. It’s a very glamorous life I lead. As a car owner of just about a month, I’ve made a few changes and learned quite a few new things about what it means to own a car – something I thought I’d share!

1. Have the right accessories.

If you’re a techie like me and rely upon your phone for basic tasks like the Google Maps and audio, you may want to pick up a USB Car Charger. These are little plugs that fit in the cigarette lighter and have USB ports so you can charge whatever you need! I got a double one in case a passenger needs to charge their phone too. It’s proven incredibly handy, especially when I’ve been driving long distances and used my phone as a satnav – it means I can leave my phone plugged in and charging without worrying whether the battery will die when I’m on the motorway!

2. Get a good MOT.

Before I got my car, I don’t think I quite grasped what an MOT was nor why it was important. Sure, it was something I was aware of, but I thought it was genuinely just a box I needed to tick! An MOT not only allows your car to remain on the road but it’s a crucial process for identifying any potential major issues – issues that could cost a lot more if they continued to be an issue! If you do anticipate selling your car in the future, a record of the car’s MOTs is an essential as many buyers wouldn’t feel comfortable buying a car without proof! You can book your vehicle MOT at Fife Autocentre website.

3. Be ‘boot ready’

The other weekend, my friends and I took a spontaneous trip to Southport. We had a fantastic time and the day was brilliant, but because it was so out of the blue, we really weren’t prepared to how sandy and muddy we’d end up and unfortunately, we didn’t have a towel. Since Southport, I now always have a towel in my boot as well as a few other emergency items! I also have a blanket (that can be for an emergency or a picnic), a first aid kit, some paracetemol and obviously some bags for the food shop. It’s really helpful to have a couple of things like these that stay in the boot because it means you’re prepared!

4. Sort your music.

Have you ever been in your car and realised you haven’t properly connected your phone to the stereo? Always make sure your phone or radio is fully working before you leave. It can be really dangerous to fiddle about with your phone once you’re driving so please make sure it’s all done before you start driving!

5. Get your vehicle serviced.

Similarly to an MOT, getting your car regularly serviced not only acts as upkeep but can prevent any issues developing into something far more serious. If you are someone who does a lot of long journeys, getting your car regularly serviced is an absolute essential as there is nothing worse than having a problem with your car when you’re away from home! Servicing is also fab for picking up any recalled issues – my car had a minor problem related to a recalled part, but all of that was picked up when being serviced!

What are some of your advice to fellow car owners? Have I missed anything important?

Ellie Dickinson