How To Be Your Own #GirlBoss

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Whether you blog part time or this is your fulltime job, you are your own boss. You decide when you post, you decide when you tweet - everything on this space on the internet is yours and that can often be the best and worst thing. For someone who is still in love with blogging, motivation does come and go - you may have noticed a two or three week gap with rather sporadic posting because I just wasn't feeling it and didn't feel comfortable pushing out sub standard content or uploading pictures that didn't scream me. So I took a break, and here I am now - scheduled two weeks in advance and loving every minute of it. 

But it can be hard to get into the swing of things again - especially if you've taken your break reading other blogs which can sometimes stifle personal creativity so here are my favourite ways to kick ass and get back into it.

  • Take an internet break. I never have any other windows open on my computer when I blog. I turn off my laptop when I take any photos to avoid recreating someone's work and inadvertently plagiarising it. Creative plagiarism is something that should be taken very seriously as it's less obvious than copying words. Play around with your camera or open a word document till you get it right. 
  • Try and have a schedule. Now I'm not saying plan out your posts for the next two months but know when you want to post. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that gives me the space to come up with ideas that might fit. See what works for you. But make sure you give yourself a break, especially if you're blogging on top of a full time blog.
  • Don't be afraid to stretch yourself. If you're a beauty blog but made some killer brownies, post the recipe. Blogs are less and less subject specific so do what feels right and don't panic if it isn't all the same thing.
  • PR Sample-less? Don't worry. Even big time bloggers were once having to go to Boots to rummage around for mascara. Just because you don't know your postman by name, doesn't mean your blog isn't fab. Don't worry if you don't have the in new foundation. Just keep doing you.
  • Know your worth. I posted briefly about this on instagram but numbers aren't a big deal any more. The number of PR's who say that numbers don't really matter as much, should make you focus on content. But also respect your work. If someone is offering you £10 for a post but you think you're worth more, ask for more. Simple. Just as if you wouldn't accept minimal wage for a job you have a degree in, treat your blog the same way. If you're trying to work out how much to charge, think about how long the post might take. I normally say at least 2 times more than minimum wage + your resources + the company. If a huge company only wants to pay £10, there's a problem. You're worth more than that. Go with your gut.

What are your thoughts on being your own boss? Does that affect your productivity at all?

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