Cruelty Free Beauty Edit

You might remember my post about adopting a Vegan/Plantbased diet and whilst makeup never really entered my head, I've been considering trying to incorporate more cruelty free beauty into my daily makeup bag. Now this wasn't going to be an instant thing as someone who does get income from this blog, going completely cruelty free can limit things but I'm definitely more aware of it now. So I decided to have a look in my daily makeup bag to see what kind of things I was already using that wasn't hurting anything.

The issue with cruelty free is that there aren't many highstreet options bar Barry M, KIKO and Sleek Makeup so quite a bit of this is highend. Let's start with the base. Urban Decay All and Done is my go to lightweight base as it gives quite high coverage without eliminating dimension. Plus Urban Decay is a huge warrior of the ole' cruelty free thing so they've done very well with this base. I've written in more detail about it here. NARS as a standalone brand is also cruelty free however, it's parent company isn't - so it's really up to you whether you want to buy from them or not. I truly believe it's impossible from being completely cruelty free so am happy to support NARS - hopefully demand will increase supply. I love the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser for a general boost in coverage. I also adore the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Gel but I'm out, so it didn't make the picture. 

Concealer wise, I don't like spending a lot of money as there are numerous options on the highstreet, just as good as pricier versions but I've been loving the NYX Colour Correction Concealer Palette which is ideal if your skintone isn't the most even and spots aren't your problem. I love this for eliminating eye bags and toning down redness. The palette is creamy and blendable with enough pigment to sort everything out. 

Powder wise, I haven't tried a good cruelty free powder (sidenote: any recommendations?) but as Illamasqua is completely cruelty free, I may have a little nosy. But contour wise, although I'm not a big contour gal, I really like the Illamasqua Eyeshadow in Heroin which is a perfect ashy brown - great for a pretty natural contour. But on a budget, I love the Barry M Contour Kit which comes in multiple shades and is incredibly good. 

Highlight wise, my ultimate favourite is the Hourglass Strobe in Brilliant which is divine. Incredibly finely milled and gives a really natural yet brilliant glow - worth a try. Pricey, but gorgeous. 

With regards to eyeliner, my current favourite is the NYX Vinyl Eyeliner which lasts through a sweaty workout so it's pretty highly ranked in my books. NYX is another company where the parent company isn't cruelty free but again, I'm happy to shop here to support the cruelty free aspect. It's a really, seriously good eyeliner and worth far more than the £5.50 (insane). 

What's your view on cruelty free? Any recommendations? You might note that I don't have a mascara favourite...

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