Fun Ideas For Days Out With The Girls


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We all lead such busy lifestyles. Between working full time, running a home, maintaining hobbies and in some cases raising a family- socialising can often take a back seat. However friendships are so important, having a support system of loved ones around us helps us to feel happy and secure in life. And as a female, having your group of girlfriends means you’re able to support and advise each other no matter what life throws at you. If one of your new year's resolutions was to spend more time with friends but months on that hasn’t happened, now is a good time to go back to that goal. Instead of making vague plans, set a date, arrange an activity and get things set in stone to make them happen. Here are some ideas for fun days out that most girl groups are sure to love!

A Spa Day

We all need a little pampering from time to time, and a day at the spa can be a fun way to treat yourself while catching up with friends. Book in for massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and more- you’ll all leave feeling fantastic. As well as your treatments you can spend time sat around the pool, in the hot tub or enjoying a delicious light lunch together. If you’ve been through a stressful time lately it can be the best way to rebalance yourself, but it’s a lovely treat regardless. There are spas dotted about all over the country so it shouldn’t be difficult to find something local, and it doesn’t cost as much as you might think either. Check sites like Wowcher and Groupon as there are often deals for this kind of thing. Whether you go along with one friend or a bigger group, it’s enjoyable, relaxing and the best way to catch up!

A Show at the Theatre

Whether you want to watch the opera, the ballet or a broadway show- a trip to the theatre is always exciting. While the cinema is nice enough, if you want to do something a little more special then this is the way to go. There’s nothing quite like watching real performers on stage- the sounds, the colours and the atmosphere is incredible. This could be a chance to meet for a few hours or you could really make a day of it. For example you could arrange a day trip to London, do some retail therapy and see the sights and then go to see a show later on. There are plenty of London theatre options available so something for every taste. You could finish off the evening with a meal or a few drinks.

A Class or Learning Experience

Learning new things together or picking up a new hobby can be a wonderful way to bond with your friends. Perhaps they already have a hobby that you could join them on, or maybe you do something that you think they might enjoy and could invite them along too? Otherwise, have a look online and see what’s on offer. It could anything from cooking to pole dancing classes to gin tasting sessions! It all depends on what you’re into and the sort of things you’d enjoy doing together. You get to learn new things and have a few laughs, it might push you both out of your comfort zone and expand your mind which is always a good thing when our lives are so dominated by routine. It could be something academic, something unusual or something indulgent, it’s entirely up to you!

Go to a ‘Pick Your Own’ Farm

Pick your own fruits and vegetables farms can be found in various places across the country, and can be a fun way to spend time together that’s a little bit different! If you’re bored of the same old venues then it’s one way to mix it up a little. You could then go home and use whatever you’ve picked to cook or bake something delicious. Now we’re in May it’s the start of summer berry season here in the UK, so within a matter of weeks there should be plenty of options available- why not turn your pickings into jam and then bake it in a delicious victoria sandwich cake? You could serve this at an afternoon tea in the garden- another way to get everyone together. Especially nice when the sun is shining.

A Theme Park

Chances are you loved going to theme parks when you were young, but it might have been some time since you went to one. When we get older, we can often overlook how important it is to do things for the sheer fun of them, so why not get a white knuckle experience and go and ride some roller coasters? Sure it might not be the most elegant day out but you’re sure to have tons of laughs and make memories. It will take you back to childhood and you’ll have some pure, carefree fun which lets face it most of us could really do with. Theme parks can be expensive, but keep an eye out for two for one tickets which lots of companies offer at this time of year. They can be anywhere from newspapers to on cereal boxes and can help to keep those costs down.

Finding the time to socialise and just have fun with friends can be difficult in adulthood, but something we should all make the effort to do. We need our friends as much as they need us, and sometimes stepping out of the ‘wife/ partner mother/ worker’ role and just been ourselves is just what we need. Spending time with our friends can allow us to do this. Work out a date when everyone is free, and arrange something fun to do, hopefully this list will give you some ideas.

Do you make a real effort to keep close bonds with your friendship group? What kinds of things do you like to do together?

Ellie Dickinson