Negative Habits that Bring Your Essay Writing Down

Bad Habits to Kill to Boost Your Writing

It is a well-known fact that people have bad habits and college students are no exception. There are students, who have not the slightest idea of what it’s like to come on time, who procrastinate, gossip and have dozens of the other bad habits. All the behaviours mentioned before not only make a college student a person with a negative reputation but can also cost your diploma. According to the recent studies, a single negative habit may not ruin student’s progress immediately but the increasing number of those really can. Look at the top bad habits that prevent you from becoming those walking brains whose grades we all would kill for!

Use Caffeine to Feel Alive

One cup of coffee when you’re on a busy schedule can truly work magic, especially when you need some fuel to cope with the essay or research paper writing assignment due tomorrow. But a gallon of café noir won’t help you to accomplish the whole scope of essays and all the swathes of college work. What is more, it will most likely turn you into a shaky and irritated zombie with a heart condition and insomnia.

If you find it too difficult to concentrate on the academic assignments and cannot switch from one type of work to another really fast, a cup of espresso is at your service of course. But finding a good and healthy alternative will definitely do a better job! Try to exercise more and you’ll see how regular work-out can do wonders for your concentration, mood and good night sleep.

Procrastinate on Every Writing Homework

Putting off your writing assignments to surf online, to watch your favourite TV show or cope with all the other minor errands is always a bad idea. The point is that we all have dozens of these small to-do’s from cleaning the bathroom to making cookies, and they will always be there in your way when you should be focused on “I should write my essay now” instead of “I guess it’s time to fold clothes….again.”

The bad news is that college students, who put off challenging assignments for the last minute, are to face negative consequences such as rushing with the task in the last minute, missing deadlines and ending up with making more mistakes than ever. Fortunately, custom writing industry is at the peak of success, which means it takes just a couple of clicks to buy cheap thesis project, an essay or a research paper from any company available online. This service that you choose will do all the job, while you can keep up with other college tasks.

You Do All-Nighters

If there’s anything worse than procrastination than it’s called studying till the sun comes up. College students pull all-nighters almost every week, studies show. While all-nighters may seem like a great opportunity to hand your assignment within the deadline, what you actually get in the end is a headache, itchy and red eyes that are actually half-closed, and immense tiredness that you can barely read what you’ve already written, let alone write something else. When you look through your work the next day, when it’s time to submit the essay, you’re about to kill yourself because of the never-ending range of errors and all the sentences that just do not make sense! That’s what staying up all night is about.

Work in Your Bed

Working in a bedroom is the right route to postponing your writing assignments for good. Without a doubt, you have a cosy and a nice interior, but feeling relaxed without achieving much will always be the reason why you distract yourself. So, get up and set off to the local Starbucks café, and you’ll be astonished how much you get done!

These bad habits may not seem quite dreadful, but the reality is that if you do nothing about them, they can spoil your academic career and keep you far from going to higher levels. You know better what prevents you from getting an A for the other college essay and what roadblocks you should get over to excel.

Ellie Dickinson