Hen Do Ideas That Break The Mould

Seeing our friends get engaged is a wonderful experience. They’ve never looked more beautiful than when they beam with joy and pride when first showing you their engagement ring. They’re suddenly aflutter with wedding ideas and inspirations. They spend every spare moment gathering wedding ideas on Pinterest and talking about fabric swatches. All the while we’re likely busy anticipating the welcome raucous disruption of the hen do. After all, when we have such busy lifestyles it can be tough to get together for a Girls’ Day Out and the hen do allows us to do exactly that. But who wants to re-enact the same boring trajectory from pub to restaurant to club? Don’t our friends deserve something a little more exciting? Something that will break the mould and be a talking point among attendees for years to come? Here are some slightly more unorthodox hen do ideas for those who aren’t afraid to defy convention…

A Zen Hen Do

There are many for whom the idea of drunkenly staggering from bar to bar adorned with a pink feather boa and L plates just isn’t all that appealing. Some might prefer a hen do that’s more nourishing to the mind, body and soul. For brides who want a healthier hen do there are a range of yoga retreats which include yoga lessons for ladies of all abilities, accommodation in gorgeous natural surroundings, and healthy meals prepared by top notch chefs.

A Breakout Experience

If your blushing bride to be has a sense of fun and adventure and doesn’t mind experiencing something that’s a little bit scary you and your friends may enjoy an Escape Room experience. You’ve likely noticed Escape Rooms and Breakout Rooms popping up all over the country, and there’s a seriously good reason why. They’re fun, immersive and a great bonding activity. You work together to use your puzzle solving and logic skills to solve riddles and break out of the room. It’s a perfect ice breaker when introducing new sets of friends to one another and something to talk about after you hit the bars.

A Bake Off Bash
If your friends can’t get enough of The Great British Bake Off and you have a passion for all baking, why not dedicate a day to a Bake Off Bash and combine a test of your baking prowess with loading up on thousands of calories’ worth of delicious carbs? There are baking schools like Delightful Tea dotted all around the country which offer bespoke baking experiences for groups such as hen parties. It might be worth canvassing your group’s attitudes towards gluten before pursuing this.

The ultimate pyjama party
Most of us have fond memories from our pre teenage years of getting together with groups of girls to watch films, binge on sweets and talk about boys. Sleepovers, stopovers, slumber parties, pyjama parties, call them what you will they were a whole lot of fun and an experience we never thought we’d be able to relive in our adult years… Until now! Check the Bedtime Story Nights which have been run at the 40 Winks Hotel in Brighton for almost a decade now. Don your PJs and see what the fuss is about!

Ellie Dickinson