4 Bloggers That Continue To Inspire

I very rarely talk about other blogs on here because quite frankly, I don't want to seem like I'm just trying to grab promotion and attention but also because I've said several times that I don't read other blogs. And I still don't really, but I kinda sorta do....

But lately I found my creative direction was slightly skewed. I struggled balancing work, university and everything in between with writing posts and taking pictures that I was genuinely happy with - so the blog came last to everything. So I did what I advise everyone not to, and went to other blogs. So here are some of my favourite bloggers and vloggers that are killing it.

JasmineTalksBeauty | jasminetalksbeauty.com

I adore Jasmine. I met her first about three years ago back in the days when she was Makeup Magpie Jasmine and how things have grown since then! I feel a bit like a proud parent whenever I look at her instagram because she's been killing it. Her posts are so detailed and intricate and her photos are always clean and thematic. Her instagram seems to be growing by the second and I have no idea how she has managed it with a full time job and exams. Jasmine, whatever you're doing, keep doing it. The fact that she's also so lovely and down to earth makes it so much easier to support her as I know how much she loves what she's doing. You go girl.

FashionMumblr | fashionmumblr.com

I've followed Josie on Youtube since she started on there (maybe a year?) and I've become addicted to her vlogs. As is with most new Youtubers, there is a realness to her and she still remains relatable. Of course, I'm slightly jealous of the exotic locations adorning her instagram but she seems to have grown exponentially in the past few months and the fact that she is still loving blogging as much as vlogging is brilliant. I love when bloggers stick to their blogs and don't forget them once they start Youtube, so it's lovely seeing her keeping up with both.

LydiaEMillen | lydiaelisemillen.com

Lydia is incredible. I think she must have nearly tripled her following since starting Youtube and again, I love her vlogs. As she's a luxury vlogger, all of her social media screams this which not everyone will love but it's become a weird sort of escape. But the amount of time she pours into each and every instagram, video or blog post is completely evident and it's clear that everything is a labour of love. 

BethNorton | bethnorton.co.uk

If there is one blogger that screams passionate, it's Beth. I think I've followed her on instagram for a good few years and I've had the pleasure of dealing with her on a professional level through my internship but she bloody loves blogging. All her content has had time spent and each post has a vulnerability to it that can be hard to find in some bigger bloggers. Her instagram is not merely quick pictures, but you can tell how much effort is taken into everything. That meticulousness is something I hope to one day be able to fully convey. Beth, you'll always be a bit of a blogging inspiration.

And there we have it - my favourite four bloggers that continue to inspire. I know this post has turned into everything I hoped it wouldn't, but sometimes it's nice to pour a bit of emotion into a post - I am after all, only human. These four bloggers, whether it be through their twitter or instagram, have helped to pull this blog out of a bit of a creative slump and hopefully into a new and far more passionate future.

Thanks girls.