In the Shower: Basics

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These posts are great, along the lines of ITG's top shelf, I love going behind the scenes and know what type of products people are actually using in the shower because I know that people don't use the Aesop shower gels they claim to (They cost over £20!). 

For basic shower gels, I love clean, crisp scents - nothing sweet and preferably citrus. I adore anything minty and invigorating because believe me, I rely on my morning showers to wake me up. Likewise applies to baths, as much as I love a good ole' Lush Bath Bomb, I like my bubbles. Which is why my basic bath gel is Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus and Basil which although is slightly masculine, I love it. It's incredibly calming and as I do occasionally suffer from headaches, this is perfect as it seems to sink into your pores and calm everyone down.

But for general shower gels, Original Source is a firm favourite. Whilst I love their Mint and Tea tree, this Mango is a new favourite. It's the perfect balance of fruity and fresh and I love that the scent clings to your skin throughout the day. Plus, Original Source are almost always £1 or less. 

Body Moisturising is something I've never been big on, even after shaving my legs. I'm sorry. But I recently watched a Desi Perkins video where she said that this had changed her life so it was meant to be. The Nivea Rich Moisturising Body Lotion unbelievably moisturising and leaves your skin with a glow - almost like if you had applied a body oil. Apparently this is also used by many MUA who work with Music Videos because it is better than oiling up the dancers. Fun fact. And the fact that it's about £3 makes it super affordable.

What are some of your basic shower bits?