The Weekend Routine

Who doesn't love a good weekend? I think it's incredibly important to have some time to yourself and as a complete introvert, it's something I definitely make time for.

The weekend is when I tend to make time for blogging (and pray for good light) and I take everything in bulk and aim for scheduling a month at a time as I never know what might happen with university. I tend to put on a series on Netflix and just let it role in the background as I go snap happy. This also means my pictures are quite consistent as the lighting is the same depth and warmth.

This is also the time where I give my skin a pamper as a week of dry wind and makeup often leads to a bit of congestion. The mask I use depends on how my skin is feeling but recently I've been going for the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask which I've had for ages but haven't gotten into until recently. Plus, its a pale beige colour so isn't too terrifying to the people you live with. It's really gentle and unabrasive but seems to pull all of the toxins out of your skin. I also love the Origins Original Skin Retexturising Mask as it is great for starting the week with a fresher layer of skin. Once I've popped on a mask for about 20 minutes, I slather my face in a moisturiser like the Antipodes Divine Face Oil which has transformed my skin. It contains Rosehip and Avocado oil so is not only moisturising but reduces scaring. It's also the best for reducing breakouts and redness.

If I've had a stressful week, I love a good bubble bath and this is where Lush Bubble Bars come into their own. I love lots of bubbles so the Comforter Bubble Bar has been one of my favourites as you can use it more than once. Sometimes I use a cheap bubble bath at the same time just for double bubbles. 

Candles are a definite favourite and the Bath and Body Works ones are probably the best budget version out there. One of my housemates literally knocked on my door to ask what candle I was burning because it filled the entire house. I'm a particular fan of the Sweet Pea 3 Wick Candle as it burns evenly and smells fresh and floral. It works out to be less than £8 and I've had one candle for over a year now as it does have such a strong scent so you don't need to burn it for too long!

And finally, I treat my lips which are often forgotten. If I have a Lush Lip Scrub I'll use that but otherwise, I tend to mix caster sugar with olive or coconut oil. I make sure my lips are completely exfoliated and then I apply the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm to make sure they stay soft. This lipbalm has such an odd texture as it's really thick but it's great to put on before you go to bed.

Whats your weekend pamper routine like? Any favourite products?