The Lazy Girl's Guide to Exercise

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Despite being an incredibly productive person, I'm very lazy - especially when it comes to exercise. Perhaps it's a university thin but I would much rather spend the day doing anything else. But health is important and on a whim, I decided to get back into going to the gym.

But once I'm there, it's quite dull - especially cardio. There's nothing worse than staring at the time on the cross trainer or bike and counting down the minutes you have left. So I've devised a couple of tricks to make the time pass.

Netflix & Gym. If you have Netflix, I would highly recommend downloading the app to your phone and simply watching it in the gym. I find this is a great way of passing the time and it's an added bonus that my gym has pretty A* wifi. If you don't have Netflix or don't want to waste your Data, the updated Youtube app allows you to save videos to your phone that you can then watch online. Both are great tips to distract yourself.

lazy girls guide to exercise

Join a class. If your gym offers classes, I'd highly recommend doing them. My favourite one is spinning because it's the kind of class that you can tailor to yourself - i.e, up the resistance to a level for you. Classes are often only about 30minutes but you're often more likely to work harder than a usual workout. Honestly, there is nothing more motivating than a person in Lycra shouting at you. Side note: I'm going to be starting one a new program with BearSCP Fitness which should hopefully ramp everything up into gear!

Try Weights. Believe me, I know how intimidating the weight rooms are (my gym is almost always full of grunting males), but once I pushed past the fear and started using the weight machines, time flew. I do a little "circuit" of the machines (3 x 20 on each one I choose) and I find that time goes by incredibly quickly and I tend to feel stronger than after a pure cardio sesh.

I'm by no means a fitness guru (trust me), but one thing I know is how to make your workout fly by.

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