Why You Shouldn't Be Ashamed About Working Hard

It seems like the latest trend in blogging seems to be writing about mindfulness or ways to switch off, and whilst I definitely think "me" time is important, it's also important not to shame those who choose to work hard.

With hard work, comes great reward.

I'm a firm believer that you only really reap rewards from things you put significant amounts of time or effort into. Whether this is working hard and putting a lot of time into your blog or working hard in uni or at work; if you don't work hard, you're not going to do well. When I first created my blog, I was posting irregularly and rarely got any interaction let alone any emails, but once I established a firm schedule, I've really started to see the rewards flood in. This could also apply to general work - the harder I work on something, the better it often is.

Less Commitments.

Now I realise this is a massive generalisation but when you're young, you often don't have the commitments eg, a family of five, a mortgage, three dogs etc etc which means that you can afford to put in the time because you're not trying to fit it in around the million and one other things you have happening. (Plus, it doesn't matter as much if you do pull an all nighter)

Just because you want to.

Just because there are a million different blog posts out there telling you to take time for yourself, if you want to work hard, then work hard. As much as I love a bubble bath, I also love the feeling of satisfaction that comes with finishing a 6,000 word essay or a blog post. And it's because I want to.

So these are just a few thoughts on why you shouldn't feel bad if you're not spending every night neck deep in a bubble bath or burning candles every second, because sometimes it's okay to work hard.

Ellie Dickinsonlifestyle