The Lip Balm Edit

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The other day whilst “”researching”” beauty products on one of my favourite websites, Into the Gloss, I stumbled across an article that discussed a lip balm hierarchy of sorts, and it made me realise, that it is absolutely a thing. But it was so fascinating to the point where I thought I’d share my lip balm edit or hierarchy because this girl loves lip balm way too much to rely solely on one version.

The intro level or the ‘always in my bag’ lip balm.

My always-in-bag/always-in-desk-drawer lip balm would have the be the Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy. Not only does this smell like lemon sherbet, but it is housed in a metal tube which makes it bizarrely wonderful to apply. I’m not normally the biggest fan of lip balms in a twist up tube, but this feels so nourishing and moisturising that it’s an essential daily balm. It’s slightly pricey but it’s my go-to daily choice. But I must confess that I’ve recently been slathering the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream if I’ve ever felt like I needed a moisture hit. I had a sample from work and it’s been sitting on my desk so has become essential for dry cuticles and sore lips.

The medicated or straight petroleum.

You know those days where you’ve been slacking on the night time lip balm and your lips are sore, potentially bleeding and just painful? We’ve all been there and for those moments, I bloomin’ love Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Hydrating. This is definitely not something you can get away wearing daily as it applies white, but this tingles soothes and just relieves painful-lip-syndrome. I prefer this to Carmex simply because it doesn’t feel OTT or too slimy when all I want is relief. It’s cheap, does the job and is essential for after any long-term liquid lipstick wear. For a go to refresh when my lips are so sore I can’t cope, I’ve recently been enjoying Stripped Peppermint Lip Balm* which is a refreshing delight. Containing Coconut Oil and She Butter, not only is this moisturising but the addition of Peppermint oil makes it incredibly refreshing. The only note is that it is quite hard so is not as easy glide on as many high street faves.

The THICC night-time barrier.

My OG lip balm would always have to be the Nuxe Reve de Miel which leaves my lips soft, nourished and feeling plump. Whilst in winter, I may still reach for a daily lip balm, this means that I can get away without using a daily lip balm in the summer. This has a wonderful paste-like texture that feels a bit odd at first but it’s so soothing and brilliant that I can’t be without. (Also, totally not cool enough to be using both THICC and OG in the same paragraph.)

The Luxury & Instagram worthy balm.

I actually feel like my daily lip balm could be deemed as the Instagram worthy one as it’s not too cheap but also does the job. As much as I want to be 100% Instagram worthy, I just can’t justify spending over £20 on a lip balm that I’ll probably lose the same week it was purchased. I am not about that life.

So what’s your lip balm hierarchy? Or are you the type of person to only use one lip balm religiously?